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Dex (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Lloyd Barnes & Javier Fuenmayor

Dex (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Lloyd Barnes & Javier Fuenmayor

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"Ferrari don't make playing card indexes, but if they did, they'dhave created DEX."

In layman's terms, a Card Index is like a Rolodex for a deck of cardsthat secretly hides in one or multiple pockets. It gives the magicianthe ability to secretly retrieve a named playing card and "magically"reveal the card "from thin air" (or any other way they wish).

There are tons of indexes on the market but DEX breaks away from therace and stands in a league of its own and here's why.

Normally an index will have one or two great features but cruciallyat a cost...E.g. It's easy to use, but bulky. Or it's ultra fast butsplit into two pockets. Etc.

DEX is unique in that it takes all of the important features thatmagicians look for in an index and combines them into one...withoutcompromise.

DEX is a full 52 card index that not only is lightning quick but it'salso designed to be razor thin so that it can easily and seamlesslyfit into skinny jean pockets. Its intelligent form factor means thatit appears to be an ordinary, small, wallet.

But there's more.

No more fumbling around. The entire core of the DEX system revolvesaround a unique "no counting" system that means from the moment thespectator names a playing card, the magician has already instantlylocated the value of the card in their pocket. Meaning that you'reable to be fully focussed and present in your performance, instead ofzoning out while you fumble around in your pockets. It's designed towork using your muscle memory.

Right now, take a moment...Think of a card and say it in your mind.The time it took you to read that sentence, follow the instructionand lock a card in is genuinely longer than it takes to find any cardin DEX. REALLY.

Created by Lloyd Barnes and Javier Fuenmayor, DEX has beenpainstakingly designed and refined for over two years (Apologies tothe 10's of thousands of people that have been following DEXproduction journey on youtube for that whole time!), and togetherthey've left no stone left unturned. From its durable nature, clevertouches that give DEX its wallet silhouette form factor, flexibility,thin nature and even lightweight construction.

Every single DEX unit is meticulously assembled by hand and isconstructed using a range of different materials that all seamlesslyblend together to give you the world's most powerful and moreimportantly, practical playing card index ever created.


When you become a DEX owner, you're not just receiving the world'smost sought after index, you'll also be receiving access to the mostthorough index masterclass ever taught, with revolutionary neverbefore seen tuition methods included.

We've split the DEX Masterclass into 5 primary volumes:

Volume 1: DEX Crash Course
Lloyd and Javier teach you every single detail, including all oftheir devious tips and tricks, that you need to know in order tobecome a DEX Ninja. By the time you've watched this through, you'llbe pulling named cards from DEX quicker than you add kisses to a textmessage.

Volume 2: Card Tricks
This is our favorite volume. Lloyd and Javier are both known forbeing creative juggernauts and you'll understand why after watchingVolume 2. Not only will they teach you how to perform some incredibletricks, they'll also teach you how to take some of the best cardtricks of all time and make them even better! Imagine performing theInvisible Deck...without a fully gimmicked rough and smooth deck wherethe deck is fully examinable!

Volume 3: Not A Card Index?!
Due to DEX's unique design, it means that not only can any deck ofcards fit within...but you can also use other objects such asenvelopes, billets, Tarot cards and more. This section they'll teachyou how to perform tricks that fool even the smartest magiciansbecause they never knew you could use an index with some of theseobjects.

Volume 4: Collaborations
A small number of DEX units found their way into the hands of someincredible magic creators (Andrew Neiner, Jake Keane, Eric Stevens)and those guys came up with some truly creative ways to really turnDEX's volume up to 11. We know that some of you will love this volumethe most.

Volume 5: Get The Most Out Of Dex
Lloyd and Javier have spent 1,000's of hours practicing and testingeach other over video calls from opposite sides of the planet andwhilst doing that, they discovered some MIND BLOWING practicetechniques that literally trick your brain and fingers into becominga master at using DEX in the blink of an eye. Without describing the
  • technique here, it's like one of those optical illusions where youstare at it for 30 seconds and suddenly you can see the face ofEinstein...only this is for DEX. You can even take this new conceptand apply to any other magic skills you want to sharpen, it's thatgood!


    The Tool:
    • 52 cards. One pocket. Even skinny jeans.
    • Lightening fast.
    • No counting.
    • Lightweight. Thin. flexible.
    • Rests easily in seconds.
    • Easy to master.
    • 1,000 tricks in your pocket.
    Just some of our favorite tricks taught:


    A single blank card is placed in their hands. They name anycard...a UV light is shone on the blank card and reveals thenamed card written on it.

    Invisible DEX:
    Invisible Deck is often voted by magicians as the best trick ofall time. Period. But it does have a fatal flaw...the deck can'tbe examined in any way by the audience. With DEX, they can evenkeep the deck!

    Imagine this. Any card is freely named, then in any locationthe named card is revealed...with NO PALMING AT ALL! - This trickwas created originally for beginners but the effect and methodis so ******* powerful and clever, we know for a fact that evenpro's will be using this. It's the type of trick that makesboth laymen and magicians do a chef's kiss!

    A joker is taken out of the deck and placed to the side. Anycard is named, the participant deals down and doesn't find theircard. They find...a joker. In fact, every single card in thedeck is a joker...all except for one card that was removedearlier which is somehow their freely named card. Everything is100% examinable.

    This may be single handedly the most powerful card trick evercreated. This is exactly what happens...A deck is in full view.Any card is named. The deck is spread...that card is the onlyface up card. Not only that, it's the only odd backed card inthe deck. And not only that...EVERY OTHER CARD IN THE DECK ISBLANK.

    Normally this type of trick would be partially achievable withone or two unexaminable gimmicked decks and some decksswitches. With DEX, there is just ONE easy and invisible "move"(that you probably already do) and the entire effect isfinished method wise...before you even make the first reveal. Andto top it off, EVERYTHING IS FULLY EXAMINABLE. It's actuallyhard to fathom just how truly impossible this effect is.


    All of the above and so much more.

    Heck, we even know one person who's been road testing DEX thatuses it as their only EDC. They naturally take it with themanywhere and they're always ready to make any named cardinstantly appear anywhere. Anytime.

    We believe there are two types of card magic; The type of cardtricks that are in the realm of plausibility. Card tricks thatcan be achieved using math or quick sleight of hand...

    And then there's Magic. The type of tricks that have noexplanation.

    DEX IS that difference.

    Anyone can practice to perform tricks but a Magician createsMagic effortlessly.

    Available NOW in extremely limited quantities.
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