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Purple Tulip Playing Cards Dutch Card House Company

Purple Tulip Playing Cards Dutch Card House Company

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4th and 5th editions in the Tulip series of luxurious playing cards, with embossing, silver and purple metallic ink on the back and faces, and hot silver and purple foil print on the tucks.

Almost a year ago the Dutch Card House Company introduced the Dark Blue, Light Blue, and Orange Tulip Playing Cards. A Dutch heritage of luxury playing cards crafted for both cardists and card collector, to salute the most famous Dutch folklore jewel, The Tulip!

Now they are back with a new deck of cards in the series of Tulip Playing Cards to tribute the rarest and difficult to breed Tulip, the Black Tulip and Purple Tulip! For centuries, Dutch Tulip growers labored to find or breed this exclusive flower. In nature, it is very difficult to breed black varieties! A tulip of this hue is exceedingly rare, and in the Netherlands, where about $150 million worth of tulip bulbs and $100 million in cut tulips are produced a year, the tulip's potential profits are significant, a true Black Tulip will be the absolute masterpiece!

The back of the Black Tulip and Purple Tulip sports an intense black with symbolic eye-catching Tulip and floral details, placed in an ornamental way to create traditional-looking playing cards. For an extra glamorous look, Metallic Silver Ink (the Black Tulip) and Purple Metallic Ink (Purple Tulip) accents have been added to several design elements on the back.

The pips are customized and for the font, they used an old Dutch writing style. The custom Ace of Spades is the crown jewel of the deck. The 4 jokers are designed with the famous Dutch historical architecture in mind. They showcase the artwork of the lovely Amsterdam canal houses, the renowned Dutch mill sand and the far-famed Dutch bicycle.

Like the previous Tulips, the Black tucks will be embossed and comes adorned in shiny silver foil on black matte paper stock. Their tuck has been redesigned and now the back is richly decorated with the embossed Tulip pattern. For the Purple Tulip a matte white paper stock has been chosen decorated with embossing and purple hot foil.

  • Printed by USPCC
  • 56 Poker size playing cards
  • A beautiful Ace of Spades
  • Air cushion embossed card finish
  • Premium crushed paper stock
  • Traditionally cut
  • Metallic silver ink on the back (Black edition), Court cards and Ace of Spades
  • Metallic purple ink on the back (Purple edition), Court cards and Ace of Spades
  • 4 Jokers
Tuck case
  • A matte black card stock with silver hot foil stamping (Black edition)
  • A Matte White card stock with purple hot foil stamping (Purple edition)
  • Embossing


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