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Sleight Indiscretions by Brian Lewis - ebook

Sleight Indiscretions by Brian Lewis - ebook

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Sleight Indiscretions is an extended and updated version of a book that has been out of print for well over a decade.

It is a collection of cherished mentalism secrets and close up effects, from a performer and magic consultant who has worked on shows for US, UK and Irish network TV.

These are real world effects that have been audience tested for years and include original items as well as new twists and kinks on some of the classics.

18 effects described in just over 100 pages with more than 100 photographs.


"Use these reputation makers before everyone else finds out about them."
- Keith Barry

"Lewis has packed this book with the kind of powerful, workable, commercial magic that we dream of."
- R. Shane

Sleight Indiscretions includes:

Rorscharch's Card:

A spectator sees a card mentally projected by another slowly form out of a random collection of lines and 'blobs'.

The Possessed Card:

A freely chosen card slowly rotates by itself in the center of the table. It is then handed out for examination.

Final Transmission:

A spectator selects three cards from the pack and places them face down on a table. A second spectator correctly names each of the face down cards even though they have their eyes closed.

13 Steps up the Garden Path:

A spectator hides the deck under the table, chooses any card and places it face up anywhere they like in the pack and then shuffles, still under the table. The performer can instantly name the face-up card.

The Old "Card at any Number" Trick

Two cased packs of cards are placed in front of two spectators. One spectator is asked to choose a pack while the other names a number between 1 and 52, no restrictions or forces. The deck chosen by the first spectator is taken out of its case and the cards are shown to be all different. The spectator deals down to the card at the freely chosen number. The other spectator then opens their card case - it contains only one card, the very same card at which they stopped.


A spectator looks at a blank card and thinks of a value for it, and then inserts it anywhere they like into the face-down pack. The deck is spread face up, it is in new deck order and where the thought-of card should be, there is the blank card.

Instant Visual Signed Transposition:A card is chosen and signed. It then visually and instantly changes places with another. (Uses "The Bluffer's Card Change")

Oil and Jokers

A set of red and black cards are repeatedly mixed. Each time they manage to separate themselves into their respective colours. On the third mixing they are turned over and found to be all Jokers.

Right Card Wrong Pack

A selected card is signed and then returned to the pack. The back of this card then changes color and the rest of the pack turns blank.

All Decks are Marked

The spectator shuffles and cuts his or her own (or a freshly opened) deck. The performer is still able to name cards in the center of dealt-out, face-down piles and reveal the value of a card at a position freely chosen by the spectator.

Picture Perfect Remote Viewing

A set of photographs is shown to be all different and then handed to a spectator. They look at any photograph and then place them aside, all while the performer's back is turned. The performer can instantly reveal images and impressions of the "target site" and finish by naming the correct location.

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