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Spirit Bell PRO by TCC - Trick

Spirit Bell PRO by TCC - Trick

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Spirit Bell is a century-old classic supernatural effect.

A brass bell is suspended from a string on a wooden post. You, the magician, turn your back and ask the audience to select and memorize a playing card, or to point to a random object from a pile of objects.

You then explain that although you did not see what the audience participant's choice was, a mysterious force did, and it would now help you discern the audience participant's selection. You ask the audience to show the deck of cards or the pile of items one by one.

Just when the audience raises the selected card or item, the bell moves and rings on its own, as if there was an unknown force controlling it...

This is the well-known "Spirit Bell" effect, a classic supernatural effect with a history of over 100 years.

It frequently makes an appearance in many mentalism or spiritual magic shows. It does not require complex skills. Just an innocent-looking brass bell and a few captivating script lines easily create an eerie atmosphere and give the audience an unforgettable experience.

After referring to many historical materials about Spirit bells, Conan Liu also poured his knowledge and understanding of this classic prop and produced this version, the Spirit Bell Pro.

The Spirit Bell effect is very direct, the bell can ring on its own at any time, and there are many ways to present it.

In addition to the basic routine of finding a selected playing card and items, it can also be combined with other paranormal-type props, such as Spirit Slates, Haunted Keys, etc., to form a set of paranormal effects or even an invisible force to show telekinetic capabilities.

It can even be presented as a comedic "lie detector" type routine, by secretly manipulating the bell to let the audience know if they are telling the truth.

The appearance of the Spirit Bell Pro is very unassuming and classic. The base and bracket are made from dark grain wood. The brass bell is hung on the post with a string. The audience can even hang it up by themselves, and the natural presentation method makes the effect even more incredible.

Its operation is very simple, the bell is triggered by remote control. You can cause the bell to ring any number of times at any time during the performance.

The base and the stand can be separated for easy storage and transport. The device is powered by AAA batteries, so there is no need to worry about difficult or proprietary battery replacements.

In terms of pricing, if you search Spirit Bells, most versions would cost hundreds of dollars. The Spirit Bell Pro may be the most cost-effective electronic remote control Spirit Bell to date.

  • Skill level: no skill required
  • A century-old classic supernatural effect
  • Maybe the most cost-effective electronic remote control Spirit Bell to date
  • Simple-looking wooden base, bracket, and brass bell
  • Reliable remote control trigger
  • Powered by AAA batteries, easy battery replacement
  • Detachable main body, easy to store and transport
  • Online instructional video.


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