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The Chameleon Project by Michael Shaw - Video Download

The Chameleon Project by Michael Shaw - Video Download

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Make ink vanish and reappear on its own, and use it as your EDC secret weapon.

In the Chameleon Project, you'll learn how to apply a classic principle of magic to create super visual close-up and social media miracles. This 30-minute download goes through everything you need to know to create your own DIY visual magic kit: you'll learn how to make your own vanishing ink gimmicks, how to perform killer visual magic with them, and how to store and maintain them in your everyday carry.

Effects taught:
  • X in Hand - a crazy visual routine that lets you achieve a slow-fade 'double cross' style effect. Ink on a bill in one participant's hand vanishes and visually reappears on a bill in another participant's hand. The visual moments ALL happen in their hands. Presentation and switching methods are explained in detail to allow this effect to be fully examinable at the end.
  • Simple Ink Matrix - ink vanishes from one corner of a dollar bill and reappears on the opposite corner. SUPER visual and perfect for social media or as a visual opener in your close-up magic.
  • PLUS: a magic jam full of bonus ideas, including applications with coffee stirrers, coffee sleeves, and appearing scorch marks. *Disclaimer: use fire at your own risk, and ask for help from an adult if you are under 18.
The Chameleon Project is created by Michael Shaw


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